How to Have the Best Graduation stole

A great graduation stole is something all graduates should have. It may be hard to find the perfect graduation stole but choosing to go custom is the best way to go. Buying ready-made graduation stoles might also be okay but sometimes custom-made graduation stoles are more satisfying. Custom made graduation stoles are very easy to find nowadays and are not as expensive as before. Here are some of the steps to getting the best custom-made graduation stole, that is perfect for you.

The first thing to do before anything else is to look for the tailors around you. A little research before you pick a tailor is important to make sure that the tailor is in your budget and will produce quality work. The outcome of your graduation stole will heavily depend on the prowess of the tailor. That is why looking for the tailor is the first thing you should do when getting a custom-made graduation stole. The next thing to do is research. Look for some fashion pegs on what type of graduation stole you would like to go. It is good to research so that you already have an idea in mind so that when you get to the tailor, you will know if the tailor will be able to make it.

Make sure to go to various tailors because just because one tailor will not be able to make it, it does not mean that all tailors cannot do it as well. Using the list of tailors you have researched, try going to the top 3 tailors you have chosen. The top 3 tailors will allow you to have options to choose which one will be the best for you. Choosing the tailor that will make your graduation stole the best is important because you will be paying for that graduation stole.

Then, when you get to the tailor be very friendly, try to get to know the tailor and see if you can bargain to get the best price possible. Custom made graduation stoles can actually come with a good price especially if you and your classmates will buy in bulk. After scouting the best tailor pick the one that you liked the most or pick the one that gave you the best price if you are on a budget.

After talking to the tailor, picking out the design and fabric will be the next thing to do. The fabric and design will be critical to the look of the graduation stole. You may want to use a fabric that’s elegant and most commonly used as a stole and that is the Atlanta Kente. Making sure that it is matched to your style and liking is imperative since you are going to wear it on a very special day. These are some of the basic tips to remember when looking for a custom-made graduation stole. Truly, picking out the perfect graduation stole may be challenging but it will be worth it when the time comes when you put on that perfect graduation stole and receive your diploma.